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Danelectro is a manufacturer of musical instruments and accessories, specializing in guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers and effects units.

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Danelectro FAB Overdrive Pedal
History was made in 1975 when a Mom & Dad music store in California commissioned the production of just 200 of what is perhaps the best overdrive effect ever..... Danelectro puts this classic effect in your hands – without damage to your wallet!

Product Code: FAB2

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  Danelectro FAB Overdrive Pedal

Danelectro FAB Metal Pedal   Danelectro FAB Metal Pedal
Bold combative hostile belligerent...Explosive. Finally a pedal with your personality! Plug in...and erupt.

Product Code: FAB3

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Dano Fab Chorus

Product Code: FAB5

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  Dano Fab Chorus

Dano Fab Slap Echo   Dano Fab Slap Echo
The Slap Echo of Yesteryear. FAB Echo is the classic echo effect, reminiscent of the original tape delay. With sleek design and warm tone, FAB Echo offers the quintessential sound for the professional musician. Relive vintage echo with this pedal.

Product Code: FAB4

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Dano Fab Flange
Danelectro brings back vintage electronics once again with the FAB line of pedals.FAB Flange is the classic flanger with fat warm tone. With sleek design, the FAB Flange offers the quintessential sound for the professional musician.

Product Code: FAB6

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  Dano Fab Flange

Danelectro FAB Fuzz Pedal   Danelectro FAB Fuzz Pedal
In the late 1970’s a tiny effects maker in Japan produced a small quantity of what many believe is THE definitive distortion box...... Danelectro offers you sonic equivalence to the prized originals at an unbelievable price.

Product Code: FAB7

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MXR Dime Distortion Pedal
Not subtle not pretty but totally effective.

Product Code: DD11

  MXR Dime Distortion Pedal

Danelectro Pastrami Overdrive   Danelectro Pastrami Overdrive
Well seasoned overdrive with great sustain. Delicious tone!

Product Code: DJ1

Black Coffee Metal Pedal
Heavy distortion pedal if you are into metal wake up and smell the coffee.....

Product Code: DJ21

  Black Coffee Metal Pedal

Danelectro  Black Liquorice Beyond Metal   Danelectro Black Liquorice Beyond Metal
Metal never tasted so sweet! Drop you down one octave plus adds a raging distortion. The combination is captivating!

Product Code: DJ22

Milk Shake Chorus
nice little chorus pedal

Product Code: DJ7

  Milk Shake Chorus

Danelectro Black Paisley Liquid Metal Pedal   Danelectro Black Paisley Liquid Metal Pedal
If you want that ‘something extra’ from an overdrive pedal the Black Paisley has it all – and then some. Click the pic for more details.

Product Code: DLM1

Displaying 1 to 12 (of 16 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 

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