Pearl P2000C PowerShifter Eliminator
Product Code: P-2000C

Price: £143.98

Bass pedals rely on the shape of the cam - round or offset large or small - to give each pedal its characteristic action and feel. Some brands offer more than one shape to cater to the diverse style differences and preferences of the drumming public. Unfortunately if you want another cam you have to buy a whole new pedal or install a new cam providing you can buy one separately in the first place.

Pearl’s PowerShifter Eliminator pedal comes standard with four cams each with a unique shape and all interchange at the push of a button thus giving the Eliminator the action and feel of four different pedals for the price of one!

The Black Cam is Pearl's original linear-feel cam.

The White Cam is also linear but larger in diameter for a lighter feel and increased power.

The Blue Cam is offset and starts with a light feel at the beginning of the stroke but accelerates with speed and power upon impact.

The Red Cam is radically offset and provides great response for sensitive footwork and extreme power upon impact.

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Detailed Information: P-2000C
Pearl P2000C PowerShifter Eliminator

You can buy the full range of Pearl drum kits hardware and accessories from PlayRecord. Our Drums Department consists of highly experienced professional drummers who know and love Pearl drum equipment and can help you along the way to your dream drum set up.

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