Please carefully read these instructions before you place your order.

1. Find the item that you would like to purchase

There are two methods for searching the site - by the in-built search facility, or by manually navigating your way though the categories. First we will look at the in-built search.

1. Click "search" on the top bar where there are the "home", "log in", "basket" &"checkout" buttons.
2. In the "Search Criteria" box, enter a keyword that will help identify the product you are looking for. If your looking for a flying V - type "flying V" or if you want Vater drum sticks you could try "Vater" or Fender Squier Strat try "Squier Strat" etc.
3. If you know more details about the product that you are trying to find then you can use the advanced searching facillities below the criteria box. To narrow the search from unwanted results you can specify which category you will search. This is a handy way to reduce your results efficiently. Likewise if you know the manufacturer then select it from the drop down list. The more you can refine your search, the better the results will be.
4. Then click on the "Search" button.
5. Your search results will now be displayed.
6. If you get a message saying "There are currently no products in this range.", then you will have to refine your keywords. Try again and hit "OK".

The second method is by manually navigating the site through the Master Categories. PlayRecord.Net is split up into 16 Master Categories. These represent the major genres in musical instruments and are represented by the 16 big buttons on our home page, with a stylised graphic to display each one. Find the one that is most relevant to the item you are looking for and then click on that. For example - if you are looking for a junior electric guitar then you would go through the following stages:

1. Click on "Home" in the top left hand corner under the PlayRecord.Net logo.
2. Click on the Guitar button - this will now take you to all the different kinds of guitar available.
3. Now click on the Electric Guitar button.
4. You have several options now - we want to choose a specific style of guitar (Junior or short scale) so we are now going to choose "Sorted by Style".
5. The next screen will now show you all the different styles of guitars. We want junior guitars so please click on "Short scale".
6. All the short scale or "junior" guitars are now on display.

Remember:- If you make a mistake and go-to the wrong page - click "BACK" on your browser to return to your previous page

2. Purchasing the items you have found

Now that you have found the item(s) that you are looking for - it is time to purchase them!

1. Once you are looking at an item that you want to purchase - click on the "Add to basket" button.
2. On the next page there is a white quantity box, this defaults to "1" - if you want more than one of the item selected then click into this box and change the number to how many you desire.
3. If you have updated the quantity box - you now need to click on the "update" button.

If you want to buy something else as well - follow the search instructions on the previous form. Use either the in-built search facility or by manually navigating through the site. Remember to click on "home" to start searching by categories.

4. Once you are finished making all of your choices, click on "Checkout".
5. On the next screen - check over the details of your order to make sure that its all correct. There is a comments box on this screen, so you can add any special comments you want to make when you order. THis can include details of house location if its a bit tricky to find, if the orders for a special day, or any other special instructions.
6. If you are happy with the details on the order sheet - please click on "Continue".
7. This then takes you to the payment option screen. There are options to pay by credit or debit card (online) by the telephone (credit / debit cards) or by cheque - which will allow you to print the page out and then post it to us with your cheque. PLEASE NOTE - There is a delay with cheque payments as the cheque has to be received, processed and banked and the payment has to clear before the goods are despatched. If you need the goods urgently please consider alternative methods of payment. You can also redeem any special offers by entering the voucher number in the box on this page. When you are ready to proceed, please click "Continue".
8. Assuming you are paying online, then you will be taken to the final confirmation screen. This screen shows your personal details, shipping details and the order summary. Please take this opportunity to double check your order. If you are not happy with your order at this stage, then use the backspace button, or the "back" button on your browser (at the very top of your screen) to go back to a previous page. If you are happy with the order - click "Confirm Order".
9. The payment screen. Here you need to enter your card details. Go through the form entering the details as outlined on the secure page. Once you have entered your card details - click "Proceed" and you order has been placed.

You will receive a confirmation email from PlayRecord.Net with an order summary. Please keep this email safe. There will be a unique reference number for your transaction. If you need to make contact with us, please quote your unique reference number to speed up the enquiry process.

If you have any problems at all, please email us or call us on 0844 8844 765.

Give us a call - 01274 447641


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