Free Guitar Chord Finders

Find new chords and fingerings with these free chord charts

Check out this collection of online guitar chord charts and increase your knowledge of guitar chords or work out those difficult chords on your sheet music. If you want to buy guitar sheet music or any other kind of music related book you should check out the great range at Music Room:

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Important: You need Java installed for these to work

Rays Java Guitar Chord Chart

Use this excellent guitar chord chart to work out your chords. The image shows the first six frets of the guitars neck as viewed from above. The blue dots indicate where you should put your fingers and the finger numbers are from one to four - one being the index finger (closest to the thumb) and four being your little finger. Always put your fingers in between the fret bars - never actually on them. You may find that the strings buzz a bit at first if you are not quite fingering the chords properly - this will ease with practice and soon enough you will be effortlessly playing sequences of clearly ringing chords.

Rays Guitar Chord Chart

eMedia Guitar Method Java Chord Dictionary

Ideal for when you are writing a tune and need some inspiration for which chord should come next, this online java extract from the eMedia guitar chord CD-Roms provides access to loads of different guitar chords, with clear images and even the ability to play an audio version of the chord so that you can hear how it is supposed to sound. If you want to work out more than one guitar chord, you can click the "clone" option which will allow you to have as many copies of the chord finder open as you wish.

To get started, simply click on the "start" button below:

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Java-enabled browser to see the Chord Dictionary. Sorry, you won't be able to see this applet!

Java Chord Dictionary from eMedia

Simple Guitar Chord Chart

Use this simple guitar chord chart to work out chords if you prefer. The dots represent where you should be putting your fingers whereas a blinking dot signifies a string that you do not play.

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