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The tenth edition of the PlayRecord.Net Community Mailer (ISSN 1743-1476)

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Ahhhh. Winter is drawing its dark and chilly cloak over the world. The clocks have gone back and you aren't going to see sunshine at tea time for a good few months. Oh yeah - did i mention the rain, snow, wind, ice, frost and generally freezing temperatures? If you weren't such a well adjusted person you might find this a good reason to get pretty depressed. Perhaps that's why they invented Christmas.

"Oh No" i hear you cry, "the commercial onslaught that is CONTACT US has begun". Well that may be true, but here at PlayRecord we like to keep things nice and calm and simple.

For this reason we are not going to be rattling on about Christmas any more than drawing your attention, for those who are interested, in the selection of CONTACT US present ideas that we have pulled together to try and make things easier for you...

So there you go - you can read on safe in the knowledge that Christmas is not going to be mentioned again in this mailer... Oh - apart from; check out our musical Santas - they just managed to slip through the cheese filter, but I like em...

Remember: We are more than happy to answer any questions or queries - no matter how simple, just e-mail for a fast and friendly response.

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General News

Site News
As you have hopefully realised - we have dropped the mailer down to once a month. This is mainly because we are so busy we are struggling to fit it in. Not that we are complaining - not at all - its great that so many of you are visiting us and buying your musical instruments, equipment and accessories from us.

This week has seen the 12 month anniversary of the birth of, its been a pretty amazing year all in all and we hope you have enjoyed it as well. Please feel free to send birthday pressies and cards to 2 Oxford Street, Leeds, LS20 9AX...

The next 12 months should see us take things even further - expect to see even more great products, resources, articles, links and some other things which I am not going to tell you about yet, but that are going to be ace.

General News
With the successful relaunch of Napster as a paid for music download service, combined with the apparent success of Apple's iTunes paid for service, the European market is looking to follow hot on their heels.

Whilst neither of these services are available in Europe, there are already a few services being offered or set to be offered.

As with most things, it looks like our version will be more expensive, have more limitations and less choice. Sounds familiar - oh well - at least they are waking up to the fact that online music is here to stay - in one form or another.

Online Resources:We do the searching so you don't have to...
This edition of the mailer we have pulled you together a few links so you can brush up on you general understanding of music theory and timing in particular.

First up we have this site which focuses on all areas of music theory - giving brief over views of each area of basic music theory.

Next, check out this page which is all about timing (or meter) in music.

If you want more, check out this page of music theory links which should help you while away these winter months.

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Guitar News

Site News
We have some new guitar packages that we have put together - dedicated to particular styles of playing.

First up is the Metal Pack, containing a black (it has to be black) pointy metal style electric guitar, a CA10 practice amp with a tasty distortion built in, a QT11 digital tuner, a strap so you can play whilst going crazy and of course some plectrums.

Next is the Punk Pack which contains a Tom Delonge (of Blink 182 fame) style electric guitar in a distinctive blue/green finish and with a single powerful humbucker at the bridge position. This comes with all the same accessories as the Metal Pack.

General News
Kiss Guitarist is Shot
Former Kiss guitarist, Bruce Kulick, has been shot in an apparently random shooting incident in west Hollywood on October 16th. He was assailed by a man in front of the Rainbow Bar And Grill, near Sunset Boulevard after seeing a show by former Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil at the Key Club.

Kulick is OK, and after a period of rest will be fulfilling the rest of his commitments for the year - including an appearance at the Kissapalooza Kiss Expo in Canada on November 1, and shows with his current band, Grand Funk Railroad.

Kulick played with Kiss between 1984 and 1995, leaving when founder guitarist Ace Frehley rejoined the fold.

Online Resources:We do the searching so you don't have to...
In keeping with the music theory and timing theme of this edition of the mailer - we have found a few info rich sites for you to check out:

Check out this page for a wealth of information beginning with the basics and leading on to full explanations and diagrams of scales, chords, progressions, techniques and loads more - check it out

Even more in depth - complete with MIDI demonstrations of the issues discussed, this is a great, content rich site which is well worth checking out if you want to increase your understanding of music and it's relationship with the guitar.

If those two sites are not enough, check out this library of free guitar lessons for another treasure trove of free guitar lessons, tips, guides and generally great content.

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Percussion News

Site News
New up this month we have a new 'on-drum' tambourine holder and a new PAO Junior kit! Just in time for......(oops swear word, almost said it!)

The 'on-drum' tambourine holder is a cool little extra for any kit, which fits over your hi-hat rod, and adds that extra sound to your set-up! A great little gift and comes storming in at 11.99. Even rockers will feel the benefit from this, as more percussion is never a bad thing! A kit needs variation, and so does the drummer, so whatever your style - add a tambourine to that 'hat. Check out the link below for more.

On-Kit Tambourine

Now to our new 'junior' drum kit, the PAO-J16. This is a cracking little 3 piece kit, with a 16" kick drum, 10" tom and a 10" snare and an 8" cymbal including all the necessary hardware. This kit is great for those in the transitional period between the smaller junior kits and the full sized kits. Well worth a peek. This kit is available now priced @ 119.99. Check out the link below for more.

New Junior Kit!

General News
Mexican drummer Abraham Laboriel Junior - Sir Paul McCartney's current drummer is building up a huge following, as backing singer and powerhouse drummer for Sir Paul McCartney. Paul says, "He's fantastic. He drummed on DRIVING RAIN, the album. As a result of this, he got the gig". The giant drummer, whose ability and charisma has earned worldwide admiration, gets through TWENTY SIX......(26) sticks a night, and plays so hard his cymbals invert! McCartney's publicist Geoff Baker says, "He really is the unsung hero of the tour". Mr Laboriel Junior has previously played with Duran Duran, SEAL & Big Mountain.

Online Resources:We do the searching so you don't have to...

First up we have on-line drum tuition from BritChops.Co.Uk who are recommended as the best on-line drumming tuition without the cost of a tutor. The recommendation comes from the UK Internet Advisor Magazine (4 Star Rating. Issue: Oct 2003).

DrumJam is all about community drumming - where everyone improvises and joins in - no spectators and a huge drumming jam is created! This is using hand drums and percussion mainly but is a fantastic event.

Mark Zoutendijk's site is an amazing place to look for percussion / drumming tips and covers most general percussion, the kit drum & Timpani's.

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Recording & Hi-Tech News

Site News
We have been busy adding loads of new products to the Software section in the recording department of PlayRecord.

There are loads of great titles up there now, including obviously Cubase, but also industry standards such as GigaStudio for software sampling and Sonar which is a fully featured sequencer.

If you are not after a full on piece of software such as these, but something simple to use and also cheap - check out titles such as Guitar Tracks for guitarists, Plasma for DJ's or Cakewalk Home Studio for general home recording purposes.

General News
Recording Industry Named 'Weaseliest', along with Dubya Bush
Fans of Dilbert voted the Recording Industry Association of America the 'weaseliest' along with President Bush and France. The vote took place on The poll is inspired by the book - Dilbert and the way of the Weasel.

The accolade is awarded to those individuals and organisations that 'operates in that vast gray area between good ethical behaviour and the sort of activities that might send you to jail'

I think it would be safe to assume that the recording industry won the accolade for its heavy handed approach to dealing with the proliferation of online music and other file swapping networks, including fining a twelve year old girl thousands for downloading a few tunes.

Online Resources:We do the searching so you don't have to...
Some technique and theory related links for you this edition - first up - a close look at the mysterious world of mastering (the final mixing process before duplicating a recording). Check out this interview with three top mastering engineers and see if you can learn some of the tricks of the trade to get your recordings sounding as good as possible.

Check this great site by David Huber has loads of articles and information related to recording, of particular usefulness is the glossary of audio terms - find a term you don't understand - try whacking it in here and see if you can figure it out.

If you are recording band based music, then it is almost certain you are going to be recording a drum kit. Check out this guide to recording drums for the low down on all the various aspects of getting a good drum recording, including choosing the right room, getting the kit tuned and selecting the right mics to get the best possible sound.

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Orchestral, Wind & Brass News

Site News
New up we have some excellent replacement bows for your violin, from Antoni. These are the Antoni 'debut' range and are excellent quality at an affordable price. From 4/4, full size, right down to 1/8 size! Click here to take a peek!

Also new to the site is the Antoni Debut Viola outfit, which includes a solid spruce top, with a carved maple back, plus maple sides and neck and comes complete with Brazilwood Antoni AXL760 bow and canvas covered fitted case. All this for only 99.99 and comes in either 15.5" or 16". Click here to check it out!

General News
A new system has been created for a virtual Orchestra that can change the speed of the music from a computer and is in essence, a virtual orchestra with a human conductor. The system has been invented by Australian opera singer and musical director Glyn Paul, who can vary the speed of the music by clicking on the computer's mouse.
The virtual reality orchestra has accompanied a production of Bizet's Carmen in Cardiff.
Hiring a full orchestra can cost up to 5,000 per night, and Opera Mint Wales, who are performed the opera, say the invention has saved them a great deal of money.

Online Resources:We do the searching so you don't have to...

Check out Music Theory Downloads for a free Music theory download to get you started on your way with Music Theory, and quotes (which we think is pretty spot-on) "I believe there is no such a thing as someone who is bad at Music Reading. Only someone who hasn't yet discovered the right way to learn"

Society Music Theory is a gold mine of on-line music theory, covering journals, criticisms, commentary, research and scholarship.

Piano Nanny is an on-line piano teaching site and has 13 starter lessons, 11 intermediate lessons and 10 advanced lessons, all for free! You cannot say fairer than that!

Check out this great selection of guitar, drum and general music accessories we have put together for you - free guitar tablature search, online metronome / drum machine to play along to and we even have an online guitar tuner for you.