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Ahh. Christmas is over with, the New Year festivities are little more than a blurry memory and everything is back to normal - whatever that is. Its cold outside and money is tight. There isn't a better time of year to throw yourself into your music.

When you are not practicing your instrument, why not check out some of the great January bargains you can treat yourself with in the PlayRecord Auctions hosted on ebaY.

Its a bit of a different format this month as we have been a little busy over the holiday period and so have had to reduce the focus to our core areas - namely guitars/bass guitars and drums. We think you will like it though, please do give us your feedback including any comments or suggestions to make it better.

Also - we would like to thank everyone that took the time to complete the recent questionnaire - your input is very valuable to us and will be put to use making PlayRecord even better in the New Year -

cheers :-)

Remember: We are more than happy to answer any questions or queries - no matter how simple, just e-mail for a fast and friendly response.

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Agadoo By Black Lace Named Worst Song Of All Time

ĎPre-nupí for Bands

Demise of


Pete Townshend Considered Suicide

Mike and the Mechanics singer Paul Carrack Appears on Crimewatch

Stafford Classical GuitarRecital Competition


Chimaira Drummer Quits 72 Hour Drumming Record Record Christmas for Drums


Lennon Voted Most Inspirational Musician Ever Jacko 'Not Roughed Up' New Task Force To Scrutinise Live Music

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Music News

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Agadoo By Black Lace Named Worst Song Of All Time

The track, which made it to number two in the charts in 1984, picked up the dubious honour by triumphing in a poll for respected music magazine Q. It beat other horrors such as Orville`s Song by Keith Harris and Orville and there`s No-one Quite Like Grandma by St Winifred`s School Choir.

Black Lace enjoyed a string of novelty hits in the 1980s but the duo were unable to match the success of the track which stayed in the UK top 75 for a colossal 30 weeks. Agadoo, which was accompanied by a silly dance, was only held off the number one slot by George Michael`s Careless Whisper.

The track was chosen in a poll of dozens of Q writers as the worst song to go in a special edition of the magazine honouring The 1001 Best Songs Ever. The magazine says of the ``magnificently dreadful`` Agadoo: ``It was a song so mind-rotting, it`s surprising that Europhobes haven`t used it as an argument against the proposed EU constitution.

BBC News story
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ĎPre-nupí for Bands

THEY penned the hit Donít Look Back In Anger but found themselves at the centre of a bitter legal battle with drummer Tony McCarroll. Now the Musiciansí Union is to try to prevent Oasis-style break-ups by having young bands sign "prenuptial" agreements before they become stars. Concern over the number of high-profile splits has led union lawyers to develop a system that helps artists draw up formal agreements, covering everything from how royalties and equipment will be distributed when a group disbands to whether the manager can only be sacked unanimously or with just a majority decision.

Under the Partnership Advisory Service, to be launched later this month, bands are asked to complete a five-page questionnaire, which when signed becomes a legally binding document.

The agreement would also establish rules for embarking on litigation, changing the groupís name and deciding whether band members can embark on solo careers.

The advisory service, which will be free to union members, has been developed in partnership with London-based law firm Steeles over the past year and piloted for the past three months with around 100 up-and-coming bands from various musical genres. Itís been set up to counter the deficiencies in the current laws, which are more than a century old, that govern band break-ups.

At present, any band that does not have at least a verbal agreement automatically comes under the Partnership Act of 1890. That means a songwriter who leaves or is dropped has no claim to their songs because they become the property of the band.

Sunday Herald story
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Demise of

Last week CNET announced its purchase of "certain assets" of the once-ballyhooed independent music distribution company for an undisclosed sum. Those assets appear to be mainly the domains and any clout the brand may still carry: as of 02-Dec-03, the existing will shut down and the company will delete and destroy the hosted music and materials of an estimated 250,000 artists from all over the world.

For several years was the most recognizable and most-used online music distributor, search engine, directory, and clearinghouse for independent online music. Check out this article which details the rise and the demise of Also worth checking out is this thread discussing the demise of, listing many alternative sites for those who will miss the services the site used to offer.

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Guitar News

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Pete Townshend Considered Suicide

ROCK superstar Pete Townshend has revealed that he considered suicide after his arrest for viewing child porn on the internet.

The Who guitarist, 57, said: If Iíd had a gun I would have shot myself. But I think if I had, it would have been f***ing awful because it would have confirmed what everybody thought. Townshend was arrested last January as part of Scotland Yardís Operation Ore swoop on paedophiles after using his credit card to access an American child porn site.

In an interview this weekend, he said he had been stupid and naive and revealed that he had accessed the site KNOWING that it was being monitored. Townshend said: I remember seeing this thing that said ĎAvoid this site itís an FBI stingí but I was really, really curious and I think thatís the mistake I made.

This was exciting to me, the FBI was running a sting and this was maybe where the naivety set in.

I canít remember my state of mind but looking back it was stupid and it was wrong. I think I made a terrible mistake.

Townshend said that he had accessed the site as research for his biography because he believed he had been abused as a child.

The Sun
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Mike and the Mechanics singer Paul Carrack Appears on Crimewatch

Former Mike and the Mechanics singer Paul Carrack appeared on BBC One's Crimewatch UK show in the hope of tracing a stolen rare guitar. He said he is desperate to find the Hoffner guitar that was given to him as a present by Ringo Starr.

The instrument and other equipment went missing when his tour van was stolen from outside a Cambridge hotel. The musician was forced to cancel two concerts following the theft, and is appearing on the TV show on Wednesday. Police discovered the white Mercedes van, which was abandoned several days after it was taken in October, but all the equipment was gone.

The value of the items stolen, including drums, keyboards and PA equipment, has been estimated at hundreds of thousands of pounds. The Hoffner guitar was one of only 50 ever produced.

BBC News Story
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Stafford Classical Guitar Recital Competition

Any classical guitarists fancy earning a bit of cash in the new year. Stafford Guitar has a competition open to any Classical Guitarist who does not currently have professional representation. This year introduces several changes to the competition and prizes. There is £1000 up for grabs as 1st prize, £500 as 2nd prize, and £250 as 3rd prize. Entry is in the form of a recording which will be judged and a select few will play at a concert where the final winners will be chosen.

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Drum News

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Chimaira Drummer Quits

Hard metal band Chimaira have parted company with drummer Andols Herrick. The motivation for Andols leaving is apparently his frustration and fatigue that has arisen from the commitment of constant touring. You can read Andols full statement here along with the statement of their new drummer Ricky.

Ricky Evensand was previously the drummer with Soilwork, but he couldn't refuse the offer to join Chimaira, as he put it:

"Sometimes in our lives we get a chance to do something special. I think that for me, the opportunity to join the Chimaira family is one of those chances"

Its alright for some...
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72 Hour Drumming Record

An Indonesian musician who played the drums for 72 hours was declared here to have broken a world record.

Kunto Hartono, 26, ceased drumming after four days without stopping for more than 20 minutes at a time. He was declared the holder of the national record for longest drum-beating and Tourism Minister I Gde Ardika said he had also broken a world record of 58 hours held by Allister Brown of Britain.

Kunto Hartono, 26, was declared the holder of the national record for longest drum-beating and Tourism Minister I Gde Ardika said he had also broken a world record of 58 hours previously held by Briton Allister Brown.

"The Indonesian nation is proud to have a son like Kunto, who has strong determination to show that this nation is strong and capable", Ardika said on television.
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Record Christmas for Drums

Unprecedented numbers of you bought drum related Christmas presents from in 2003. For all those of you who got your first drum kit, we hope you are loving it ;-)...

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Drums and Percussion

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Other News

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Lennon Voted Most Inspirational Musician Ever

John Lennon is the most inspirational musician of all time, it has been revealed.

The former Beatle beat guitar hero Jimi Hendrix and reggae superstar Bob Marley to the title in a new poll.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin was the highest-ranked contemporary performer, in fourth place.

The list was completed by David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, hard rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Madonna and Prince.

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Jacko 'Not Roughed Up'

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's office on Wednesday denied claims by Michael Jackson that he was roughed up and injured during his much-publicized booking for child molestation in November.

"I'm shocked and troubled by his allegations," County Sheriff Jim Anderson told a 2 p.m. EST news conference. "He was in no way manhandled or abused. His treatment by this department can only be described as professional."

The self-proclaimed King of Pop said Sunday in a television interview that he was manhandled and his shoulder was dislocated, however Jackson has not filed a formal complaint against the department.

But the sheriff said he was treating Jackson's claim as a formal citizen's complaint and had asked the state attorney general to investigate. If the singer's allegations are found to be untrue after the state probe, Anderson said he'll file a complaint against Jackson for making a groundless accusation against an officer.

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New Task Force To Scrutinise Live Music

Arts Minister Estelle Morris has formed a "task force" to scrutinise the workings of the controversial Licensing Act, to be chaired by former Undertones frontman Feargal Sharkey.

The move has been dubbed a "major face-saving exercise" because when the Act was introduced 18 months ago - in the form of the Licensing Bill - it caused outrage within the pub and music industry.

But in an attempt to stave-off further disquiet, the Government has now appointed a "Live Music Forum" to oversee the change-over period between the old and new laws, headed by Mr Sharkey. Also including figures from the Arts Council, its first task will be to conduct a thorough survey of the live music scene - at a cost of up to £100,000.

John Smith, general secretary of the Musicians' Union, said:

"The commitment to live music shown by the minister is most welcome... The result of the research which the department is about to embark on will enable us to measure the success, or otherwise, of the new Licensing Act."

Breaking News
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