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The fifteenth edition of the PlayRecord.Net Community Mailer (ISSN 1743-1476)

To the fifteenth edition of the Community Mailer...



It's been an interesting month all in all. Obviously the General Election dominated the news for the first half, though how interesting you found that I am not sure. Did you turn out to vote?

If you weren't glued to the box for that then I'm sure the rest of you were stuck to your armchairs to see Liverpool crush AC Milan in Istanbul earlier this week to claim the crown as the European Champions. A Million came out in force yesterday to greet the chaps on the Victory parade. Well done lads.

There's been some exciting things happening in the world of music - and we've been busy scouring all of our sources to bring you the best news, and the newest equipment.

This month sees our drum department taking on some exciting new products - both acoustic and electronic. There's the brand new Traps Kits, which are a revolution in the drumming world and are really gonna shake things up. The ION electronic drum kit has been creating a bit of a splash too, enabling drummers of any ability to practice or play in low-noise environments, whilst still sounding like a true drum kit - see more below. Theres a boatload of new guitars, including some from veteran Acoustic guitar makers Tanglewood, Girlie Guitars Daisy Rock and some gorgeous Fenders.

Most importantly of all, remember the PlayRecord.Net Motto - Keep Making Music!

Remember: We are more than happy to answer any questions or queries - no matter how simple, just e-mail for a fast and friendly response.

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System of a Down's New Album Soars in the Charts

The Darkness Deny Replacing Bassist

Crazy Frog Craziness


Damon Appeals to Blur Guitarist

Tanglewood Community Only Offer

Best Price on Guitars


New Flat and Electronic Drum Kits

Tommy Lee in the News

Best Price on Drums


Star Wars

Mystery Piano Man

Best Prices on Recording Equipment and Other Music Stuff

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Music News

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System of a Down's New Album Soars in the Charts

The first instalment of System of a Down's new double album "Mesmerize" has rocked the album charts, selling big numbers straight away. The bands fourth album went straight to number one in the US album charts with 435,000 units sold and over 800,000 globally.

Toxicity, which has sold 6 million units debuted at number one with only 220,000 units. Granted this was a period when album sales were suffering a bit, but even bearing this in mind the current figure is really good.

The band's unique musical style blends the hard edge aggression of more traditional metal whilst incorporating outside influences and genuinely original elements to create something with the catchiness of pop, but with thoughtful lyrics and dance-floor energising riffs.

"Everything on Mezmerize hits and splits with viciously honed purpose," raves David Fricke in Rolling Stone. Says Newsweek, "System of a Down's music makes you wish more rock bands would take such brave and impressive risks," while USA Today offers, "every track burns with urgency."

After the 9/11 attacks, wild internet rumours suggested that the group were under investigation by the FBI and CIA because of their Middle Eastern background and the anti-government content of their No#1 album Toxicity. Granted their lyrics were critical and political, but they are not terrorists.

The war has affected them though and this is reflected in the album. "The war was more personal to me because I have family there" stated singer/guitarist Daron Malakian.

Top 40 Charts
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The Darkness Deny Replacing Bassist

The Darkness are looking for a new bass player after Frankie Poullain quit the band because of "musical differences". The group are currently in the studio working on their second album, the follow-up to "Permission To Land". However, Poullain will no longer be part of the set-up.

In a statement the band say "With immediate effect, bass player, Frankie Poullain, is no longer a member of The Darkness. Remaining members have cited musical differences as the reason for his departure. A replacement will be announced within coming months".

Stories abound on the internet that they have already replaced Poullain - with Richie Edwards, the guitarists' guitar tech. However, the band are firmly denying this. "Richie Edwards, guitarist DAN HAWKIN's guitar tech, some of you know him as 'Spider', has NOT been confirmed as The Darkness' new bassist."

Interestingly, the band are currently working in the same studio that another classic British rock band recorded one of their seminal records. Queen recorded their hit record Bohemian Rhapsody.

Queen have been on their first UK tour in 19 years this month with former Free singer Paul Rodgers in place of Freddie Mercury, who died in 1991.

Ultimate Guitar
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Crazy Frog Craziness

To the surprise of some and the dismay of many, the undeniable success story of the charts at the moment is the now ubiquitous Crazy Frog. For the fortunate few who haven't come across this little fella, Crazy Frog is not a comment on the political leadership of our nearest European neighbours. No, Crazy Frog is basically a ring tone / screen saver for todays breed of multimedia mobile phones. And it seems the kids are loving it...

Jamster, the company behind the Crazy Frog has been buying up advertising space like there is no tomorrow - meaning that the Frog was seen not once but twice in every advert break. At first this was only reserved for those with satellite television, but it soon spread onto terrestrial TV as well.

Advertised on TV to saturation point, the Crazy Frog music has since been released as a single. Combined with the theme tune from Beverly Hills Cop "Axel F" the tune has rocketed to number one, outselling other chart contenders ColdPlay by three to one. ColdPlay were really hoping that their new single, 'Speed of Sound' from their long-awaited third album 'X&Y' would give them their first UK number one. But no...

Instead the number one selling single at the moment is Crazy Frog and his imaginary two stroke moped. Despite the amazing success of the Frog, creator Wernquist, who has pocketed a cool £10million from his creation, claims he hates it and would never buy it as a record or as a ringtone. "Some people obviously think this is worth paying for. I don't I would never have it anywhere near me."

However "Kids obviously find it cute and cool," said Gennaro Castaldo, of the HMV record shop chain "but students and even office workers seem to be drawn to its rather kitsch, ironic appeal. The only real issue is whether the record label can press enough copies to keep up with the huge demand that we're seeing right now."

In the News

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Guitar News

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Damon Appeals to Blur Guitarist

Damon Albarn of Blur and lately Gorrilaz fame has made a public appeal to Blur guitarist Graham Coxon to return to the fold.

“It’s a real shame that there’s been such a breakdown in communication. I can’t play any of the stuff he worked on without him. I feel there’s a horrible hole in the sound.” Damon told the Daily Star. The singer added, “I don't quite understand why there's such a tension. I would really like to be mates and playing together again, but I don’t know – we’re just different people.”

Coxon quit Blur in 2002 following an alleged musical dispute with his band-mates over the direction of their album Think Tank. He is now enjoying a highly-acclaimed Solo Career,.

In particular, Damon voiced his jealousy over the fact that old Blur rivals Oasis have managed to stay together despite their notorious troubles. "All credit to Oasis - the way they've managed to keep themselves together. They're threatening to be The Rolling Stones."

Contact Music
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Tanglewood Community Only Offer

This month PlayRecord.Net has teamed up with Tanglewood to bring you a selection of four guitars that are really special. The guitarists here at PlayRecord.Net all have a lot of respect for Tanglewood due to the fact that they combine really great build quality and sound at a price tag within the reach of the average guitarist. What that means is that when taking all aspects of a guitar into account including price and quality - Tanglewood come out on top again and again.

To celebrate this fact we have slashed the price on the following guitars, going above and beyond the PlayRecord.Net Best Price policy we have slashed the prices on a selection of Tanglewood guitars by as much as 40% off the RRP!!

These prices are so good we are only opening them up to members of the PlayRecord.Net Community. As you are reading this we can assume that you are already a member, but if you have received the email from someone else - please visit this page and enter your email address to become a member.

The Tanglewood Rebel 4 Bass Guitar
Such a great bass guitar at its standard RRP of £199.99, the Rebel 4 features versatile sound, excellent playability and the excellent standard of finish that we have come to expect from Tanglewood. Being a valued PlayRecord.Net Community Member, you are able to buy this bass at the superb price of £119.99 -a 40% saving!!.
Buy this Tanglewood Rebel 4 Bass Guitar and Save £80

The Tanglewood TW28 ST USA Indiana Pro Solid Top Acoustic
Those of you in the know will already be aware that one of the first things you should look for in an acoustic guitar is a solid top. This means that the piece of wood with the sound hole in is constructed from a single piece of wood rather the laminate you will find on lower quality models. Traditionally you would expect to pay around £200+ for a solid top... But as a PlayRecord.Net Community Memeber - you can get one for less than £100. If you were thinking of getting an acoustic in the near future and you have around £100 then without a doubt this is the guitar to get.
Buy this Tanglewood TW28 ST USA Indiana Pro Acoustic Guitar and Save £50

The Tanglewood TW28STR-DLX-CE Cutaway Electro-Acoustic
If the TW28 ST USA is the guitar to buy if you are in the market for an acoustic - then this guitar has to be the one to go for if you are looking at getting an electro acoustic. It is a new addition to the Tanglewood range and we are sure it is going to be a winner. With its beautiful finish including rock maple binding (no cheap plastic finish here), solid top, built in tuner and beautiful tone this guitar is a stunner. As a PlayRecord.Net Community Member it could be yours for less than £200!!!
Buy this Tanglewood TW28STR-DLX-CE Cutaway Electro-Acoustic Guitar and Save £80

The Tanglewood TH502 335 Style Semi Acoustic Guitar
If you already have an electric or an acoustic guitar and are looking for something a bit different then maybe you should take a look at a semi acoustic. This style of guitar has never really been a main stream style, but has stubbornly lingered in the background of guitar fashion as the choice of the more alternative guitarist. Of course it is the standard style for many blues and jazz guitarists, but you will also see one in the hands of the occasional rock or indie style guitarist. Maybe part of the reason that a semi acoustic is not often seen is due to their relatively high price in comparision with other guitar styles. Well this is not the case for PlayRecord.Net Community Members because you can get this guitar at the very affordable price of £159.99. Maybe now is the time to try something different..?
Buy this TH502 Tanglewood 335 Style Semi Acoustic Guitar and Save £70

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Best Price on Guitars at PlayRecord.Net

Check out these products which have just had their prices checked to ensure that they are the best prices available right now. Here at PlayRecord.Net we constantly keep our eyes on the market to ensure that we remain the best choice for you to purchase musical instruments and other musical equipment and accessories. If you find anywhere cheaper we encourage you to contact us and let us know so that we can beat it for you.

Recently Best Priced:
Daisy Rock: Retro-H Stardust Series - White Pearl - Best Price!

Daisy Rock: The Daisy Bass Series - Peppermint Pink - Best Price!

Daisy Rock: Pixie Acoustic Series - Powder Pink - Best Price!

Daisy Rock: Pixie Acoustic Series - Sky Blue - Best Price!

Daisy Rock Candy Guitar - Best Price!

Fender Squier Affinity Jazz Bass - Best Price!

Fender Squier Standard Telecaster - Best Price!

Squier Affinity Stratocaster - Best Price!

Fender Thinline Telecaster TC-90 - Best Price!

Squier Mini Strat - Best Price!

Squier Affinity Stratocaster - Best Price!

4 String Vintage Bass In Electric Blue - Best Price!

Ibanez AFS75T Artcore Semi-Acoustic Guitar - Best Price!

Ibanez AM73 Artcore Series Semi-Acoustic Guitar - Best Price!

Ibanez: Steve Vai "Bad Horsie" Signature Model Electric Guitar - Best Price!

Ibanez RG321MH RG Model Electric Guitar - Best Price!

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Drum News

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New Flat and Electronic Drum Kits

Here at PlayRecord.Net we've been busy in the music department, bringing you the very best products and the latest equipment. This month sees the very exciting launch of the Traps kit. This is a revolutionary new drum kit from veteran music makers in the UK and has got us very excited!

Also there's an article from our renowned scribblers all about the ION Electric drum kit which is causing a stir due to its impressive sounds, ease of use and low low price. Just out this month are the ION kit expansion packs - which enable you to beef up your electric kit with extra pads and have more drums than you know what to do with.

Traps Kit - New Flat Drum Kit
Those chaps at Alchemy have been busy beavering away in secret labs across the country to unveil a new revolution to the drumming world - brought exclusively to the UK and only available from established music businesses such as PlayRecord.Net

Welcome to the Traps A400 drum kit. Drumming aficionados will immediately notice the striking resemblance to the Arbiter Flats Pro and Flats Lite drum kits. But let me stop you right there! Remember, looks can be deceiving. The A400 has taken the role as the most innovative portable drum kit to date - with no loss of quality in the build or sound as a result. The kick music is a true double headed music, unlike the Flats kits which only have one - so any fancy footwork you do is no longer lost. The snare is a gorgeous 12" piccolo style music, giving you that high 'pop' sound that drummers aspire to. Coupled with the throw off and a new 'knob' on the opposite side of the music enabling you to adjust the stretch on the snare wires you can even adjust the snare sound from a rock punch to light jazz, to Latin, World percussion or even as an extra tom!

Versatile is this kits middle name. In the box is everything you need to get going, including the fantastic tube rack system which ensures that the kit is going nowhere - no matter how hard you play!

The shells are of a higher standard than the Flats, also enabling you to use practice pads with them, for total silent practice. For ease of use the kit can be broken down into easily transportable parts, so moving the kit around is a breeze - or stacking it away when not in use (parents / partners take note!).

There's even a set of cymbals in there to kick start your playing, which are of a good standard for the price point. Big Dog drums have teamed up with Alchemy to produce the hardware for the kit, which sees fantastic pedals, the rack, snare basket and cymbal boom arms - most of which can be broken down and stored within the tube rack to save space.

All in all this kit really combines portability, a great music sound which you have total control over using the traditional multi screw system and also is perfect for those tight gigs or practicing where space is at a premium.

Keep your eyes peeled @ PlayRecord.Net for the full length article out soon!

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Tommy Lee in the News

Motley Crue are all over the news at the moment it seems...

Old school Rock bad boy Tommy Lee is soon to appear on T.V. in a reality TV show (how original) on the USA television network NBC. The show, entitled ‘Tommy Lee Goes To College’ surprisingly enough chronicles Tommy's trials and tribulations as he enlists as a University of Nebraska student.

“I never had the opportunity to go to college, so to go there now knowing what I know and experiencing it at this point was a whole lot of fun.” Said the Motley Crue drummer.

“I’ve seen the first five episodes or so and it’s got some really funny stuff. The network is excited and I think everyone is going to enjoy it. It is pretty crazy.”

This show is going ahead despite the fact that the band are suing NBC over the ban on them appearing on the television network. The ban was put in place after singer Vince Neil expressed seasons greetings to Tommy Lee with the phrase "Happy f***ing New Year, Tommy," during the new year edition of The Tonight Show.

In their law suit they allege that the ban amounts to "governmentally pressured censorship and violates the law the same as if the government itself had ordered the censorship".

"caught up in the exuberance of the moment, Neil meant no harm to anyone, and shortly thereafter, the band sought to issue a public apology, which NBC squelched" The law suit also points out that similar use of language from other celebrities has not been met with the same punishment. Deedums....

Tommy, famous among other things for his relationship with Baywatch star Pamela Anderson (and their passion for home cinematography), is now romantically involved with another surgery enhanced actress - Tara Reid.

Tommy Lee
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Best Price on Drums at PlayRecord.Net

Check out these products which have just had their prices checked to ensure that they are the best prices available right now. Here at PlayRecord.Net we constantly keep our eyes on the market to ensure that we remain the best choice for you to purchase musical instruments and other musical equipment and accessories. If you find anywhere cheaper we encourage you to contact us and let us know so that we can beat it for you.

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Pearl Retractable Wire Brushes - Best Price!

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TAMA Rockstar - Gun Metal - Best Price!

TAMA Rockstar Custom EFX - Best Price!

Wooden Latin Bongos - 7.5" & 6.5" - Best Price!

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Other News

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Star Wars

This month saw the release of the final instalment of Star Wars, or the third episode of the story, Revenge of the Sith. This was much anticipated and has been accompanied by the usual accompaniment of associated products and computer games.

In a tragic case, A man of 20 and a girl aged 17 were so excited with Star Wars fever that they took to having a light saber fight. However this was a fight with a difference. It involved two key aspects, petrol and glass flourescent tubes. Ooops....

The two people involved are now in critical condition after their clothes caught fire. Mark Webb and Shelley Mandiville from Hemel Hempstead, Herts are thought to have been filming themselves as they filled up a flourescent tube with petrol and lit it whilst in the woods. A police spokeswoman said "At this stage we are unable to confirm the exact circumstances, but glass tubes and traces of accelerant (flammable substance) were found at the scene." Mr Webb suffered 40% burns. Ouch.

Meanwhile a file sharing portal Elite Torrents has been shut down by US officials. "Operation D-Elite" which involved the FBI and the Homeland Security Department made a lightning raid and confiscated the server which the site was running on.

"Our goal is to shut down as much of this illegal operation as quickly as possible to stem the serious financial damage to the victims of this high-tech piracy-the people who labour to produce these copyrighted products," said General John Richter who is Acting Assistant Attorney. "Today's crackdown sends a clear and unmistakable message to anyone involved in the online theft of copyrighted works that they cannot hide behind new technology."

"Star Wars series, 'Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,' was available for downloading on the network more than six hours before it was first shown in theatres. In the next 24 hours, it was downloaded more than 10,000 times."

Revenge of the Sith
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Mystery Piano Man

Medical staff in kent are enjoying the company of a mysterious piano player. The mystery "Piano Man", as he has been dubbed, was found by police on April 7. He was wandering aimlessly on the beach in a soaking wet suit in Minster on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent. Since that time the man has been staying at the Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham, Kent. The staff tried in vane to communicate with the man who has remained silent. At one point, staff at the secure mental health unit gave him a pen and paper in the hope that he might give them some clues.

Instead of writing something or drawing anything that might give a clue as to his nationality or identity, the man drew a highly detailed picture of a grand piano including all the complex inner workings. Mark Camp, his social worker, took him to the hospital chapel where there was a piano. The man procedeed to play beautiful classical music on it. Staff have since brought an upright piano into his room and the man has played and written more music, but has so far remained silent himself. Despite this he has managed a four-hour virtuoso performance of classical piano.

“I cannot get within a yard of him without him becoming very anxious. Yet at the piano he comes alive. I can stand close to him and he is oblivious. It is extraordinary" Said Mr Camp .

Police and social workers are continuing to sift through information thousands of leads in a bid to find out the identity of this mystery virtuoso. A West Kent NHS Trust spokesman denied rumours that they had narrowed the list down to a shortlist of 300 names. “It is not true. We are starting to work through the list of names that we have been given and that’s going to take some time”

Health officials released a picture of the man, who is tall and blond with a thin frame. He is aged in his 20s or early 30s.

News Story
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Best Prices on Recording Equipment and Other Music Stuff

Check out these products which have just had their prices checked to ensure that they are the best prices available right now. Here at PlayRecord.Net we constantly keep our eyes on the market to ensure that we remain the best choice for you to purchase musical instruments and other musical equipment and accessories. If you find anywhere cheaper we encourage you to contact us and let us know so that we can beat it for you.

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