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Well it's been an interesting month all in all - the weather has been superb, mostly, apart from those unfortunate people down in Glastonbury - that didn't look fun at all!! Though maybe that's because I don't share the Glasto' mentality of muddy and loving it..?

July looks set to be even more interesting though with what must be the biggest political / musical event in history as Sir Bob Geldof mobilises millions of people to protest for real action to tackle the problem of poverty in Africa.

Funnily enough the two Kings of Britpop Noel Gallagher and Damon Albarn have finally agreed on something - the fact that they are not happy with Live 8 and are publicly complaining about it.

Damon accused the event of having an excessively white line up when being interviewed on Radio 4's Today Programme. Geldof vehemntly denied this and stated that skin colour could not get you onto the stage as it is irrelevant - "The only thing that can do that is whether you sell records across the globe, and therefore the globe will watch." As it happens the line up has had a South African act added to the roster and Damon is a lot happier about the whole thing.

Gallagher though attacked the event in a more fundamental sense, questioning whether the event will have any impact on politicians at all. Highly cynical comments which if even slightly true paint a very black picture of modern democracy indeed.

All a bit Bah Humbug we think :-) Of course it's going to be great!!!

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Music News

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Live 8 - Make Poverty History

This year sees the culmination of Sir Bob Geldofs efforts in tackling the problem of poverty in Africa. The goal is to persuade the leaders of the 8 most powerful nations in the world to take real steps to alleviate this poverty when they have their summit in Scotland in July.

In front of these 8 men will be a plan to drop 100% of the debts owed to the world’s richest countries by the world’s poorest countries, to double the amount of high quality aid which is spent in those countries adding an extra $50 billion, and to change the injustices of the trade laws so that those countries can build a future for themselves.

20 years on Bob Geldof, the driving force behind 1985’s Live Aid, has consistently refused to revive Live Aid - but he now believes this July’s G8 conference is a unique opportunity. "Charity will never really solve the problems. It is time for justice - and 20 years after Live Aid, people now demand it of these 8 men."

Live 8 is a bid to bring to the attention of these 8 men the overwhelming public support for this action. As the Live 8 Site says, "We don't want your money - we want you!"

10 Concerts are being staged around the world - with star studded line ups including not only current pop acts but more well established acts such as Def Leppard and U2.

The event is being supported by all kinds of major corporates offering free services and facilitating various aspects of the event - no doubt the result of some hard work from the Live 8 team. Interestingly, there was a bit of an issue with Ebay, who were allowing people to auction their Live 8 tickets until massive public opinion turned against them and they retracted their original decision and stopped the auctions.

"As a result of this clear signal from the Community we have decided to prohibit the resale of LIVE 8 tickets on the site. Although the resale of tickets is not illegal, we think that this is absolutely the right thing to do. We have listened to the views you expressed on the discussion boards and in the many emails you have sent to us. We shall be working over the next few hours to remove all LIVE 8 ticket listings from the site."

Take a look at the site and see how you can get involved in this historic event.
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Glastonbury Festival - Heavens Open

This years Glastonbury Festival opening act was the clouds. The festival was hit by a torrential downpour and thunder storm that left much of the camping area flooded with some tents under as much as three feet of water. The intense five hour storm destroyed tents and some tents were hit by lightning. In total the festival received the entire June average for rainfall all in one go.

Toilets overflowed and raw sewage found its way into some tents. There were fears that the water supply was contaminated. The scene was so grim that at one point festival organisers considered abandoningthe festival altogether for the first time in it's history. Hundreds of people abandoned the festival on the Friday night, despite the £125 ticket price, without seeing a band.

Extreme weather hit a lot of the country - tornadoes were spotted in Coventry and another in the south west. The Met Office recorded over 3,600 lightning strikes across the south west and Wales over 11 hours.

Despite all that though, most of the festival goers persevered with the festival and went on to enjoy glorious sun shine for the rest of the weekend. Eavis - the festival organiser was upbeat about the situation:

"Two inches [of rain] on Friday morning was a bit of nightmare as you can imagine but the greatest thing is that it hasn’t rained since - it’s been fantastic. If you have wellies on it doesn’t make any difference with the mud. It does stimulate the character a little bit as a kind of fun factor rather than boring continuous hot sun which makes people lethargic."

Bob Geldof made an appearance at the festival to promote Live 8, and delivered a rousing speech including getting the entire audience to hold hands together in symbolic unity as he got them to shout "Make Poverty History".

The police were very happy with the festival and reported a 29% drop in crime compared to the previous year. Supt. Adrian Coombs said, "We are very pleased with how the festival has run this year. Police, GFL (Glastonbury Festivals Limited) and Mendip District Council have spent many months preparing for the event and it has certainly paid off"

As the festival goers return and share their views, it seems that whilst there were a few horror stories - on the whole the event was a great success.

Official Glastonbury Site
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Big Spenders on Live Music

The Bank Lloyds TSB has done a bit of research and found that Britons spend £4.3 billion each year on gigs and festivals. Despite the questionable British weather at some of our big music events, us Brits are big spenders when it comes to live music.

Lloyds found that an average music lover will spend around £130 per year on tickets to festivals and gigs. Nearly three quarters of Britons go to at least one concert or festival per year. That's a really big number and has to be great news for the British music scene. If you looked at record sales alone you might believe that we are losing interest in music. Of course that isn't the case, but our listening and spending habits are changing dramatically as new technologies such as MP3 and the internet change the way we do things.

This is also reflected in the way that we buy our tickets - with over a third preferring to purchase tickets over the internet. Only a quarter actually go to the box office and around 16% use a phone hotline. Nearly half of us prefer to buy tickets on a credit card due to the increased convenience of this method of payment.

"With people spending so much money on their credit cards on concert tickets it makes sense to have a card that rewards you for your spending," stated Katrina Cliffe, head of cards marketing for Lloyds TSB. I bet she did ;-)

Lloyds TSB Press Release

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Guitar News

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Guitar Power Chords - Essential

This month we thought that we would try and bring you some useful information to help you get the best out of your guitar. There is an absolute wealth of free information out there on the internet, and at PlayRecord.Net we are constantly trying to do our bit to improve this situation and add our own free content for you to look through.

The latest contribution is a simple article all about power chords. Power chords are one of the most fundamental aspects of modern guitar playing that I can guarantee you have heard them in action on countless songs - especially if you prefer Rock, Metal, Punk or Pop guitar based music. Check out the article and let us know your thoughts.

Alternatively you can check out this article which is complemented with some nice illustrations to help you get your head around the principle. Alternatively this site has a good collection of lessons, but to be honest it is over complicated and has confusing navigation if you are simply looking to learn the basics of power chords.

Have a read around on the web and get your head around the power chord and you will be able to easily learn the music from a huge variety of your favourite bands, but most importantly of all - power chords are a superb way of creating your own songs. Simply find three positions sound nice together - play them in a loop and presto you have the basis of your first original song!!!

Guitar Power Chords Introduction
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Famelab Champion Wins with Guitar

Dr Mark Lewney, a physicist from Cardiff recently won the Famelab competition - described as a kind of "Pop Idol" for science. Accompanied with his electric guitar he wowed judges with his performance.

It was a national competition to discover the new faces of UK science communication. The initiative was the brainchild of the Cheltenham Science Festival in partnership with NESTA (The National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) and supported by Pfizer, The Daily Telegraph and Channel 4.

Dr Lewney gave a virtuoso demonstration of the science of rock - playing riffs from Vivaldi to Deep Purple - during his four-minute stint, and it is no accident that his doctorate at Cardiff University was on the acoustics of the guitar.

Mark’s "electrifying" performance on the physics of music, complete with electric guitar riffs, had the audience and judges at the Cheltenham Science Festival enthralled. After the audience’s rapturous applause Simon Singh, broadcaster and NESTA Fellow, and one of the FameLab judges quipped "it was alright" but swiftly went on to concede that Mark’s performance was "gob-smackingly amazing".

Mark was presented with a cheque for £2,000 and will now enter discussions with Channel 4 on his potential career as a television science presenter. Mark will also perform at a series of live science events including the Cheltenham Science Festival 2006.

On being announced the winner Mark said it was "unbelievable" and went on to thank his wife, fellow competitors and all involved in FameLabTM, he encouraged anyone who entered and didn’t get through to "have another go".

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Best Price for Guitars

Check out this selection of the guitars that we have recently checked to ensure we offer the best prices.

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Drum News

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Lostprophets Drummer Quits

The Lostprophets have recently announced the departure of their drummer from the band's line up. The band from Pontypridd, south Wales have enjoyed success on both sides of the Atlantic since their formation in 1997. Mike Chiplin was one of the founding members of the band but has now decided to "pursue other musical opportunities".

A statement from the band reads:

"Lostprophets regret to announce the departure of drummer and founding member Mike Chiplin from the band. As the lads have all grown up together, the departure is an amicable one with Mike leaving to pursue other musical opportunities."

"The group are currently writing the follow up to their 'Start Something' LP and plan to begin recording their new album shortly which will be released early 2006."

The departure is on good terms by all accounts as they were friends before band members. The main concern for the fans is that with a different drummer the band just "won't be the same".
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Cool Drum Links

This month we have searched high and low on the web to bring you a selection of some of the best sites to check out on your lunch break - or whenever you get chance to surf the web. First up is this site - called Drummer World, the site contains a seriously big collection of pictures and biographies of every drummer you can think of and more than a few that you won't have thought of. Very interesting reading / eye candy including some highly impressive rigs for you to check out.

The site also contains a large selection of lessons with audio demos so that you can learn from the masters and improve your technique. The lessons are generally pretty advanced though - if you are looking for more basic lessons then you won't go far wrong with this site.

If you can't be bothered trying to learn - it is really warm after all... or if you are at work and can't practice on your real kit, why not check out this page which has a free shockwave drum kit for you to mess about with. Alternatively you can try this one which has a record function which loops your beats - yay :-)

Of course don't forget the drum section of the PlayRecord.Net Resource Section. And of course check out the Drum Department for all the best drum stuff at the Best Prices

Drum Resources
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Best Price for Drums and Percussion

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Other News

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Jacko in the Clear

Undoubtedly one of the biggest media circuses this month surrounded the trial and subsequent verdict of Michael Jackson - the self titled "king of pop". Jacko was in the dock after being accused of child molestation. He was accused of molesting a 13 year old cancer victim whilst at his Neverland ranch.

He has suffered a string of troubles dating back to the early 1990's. In 1994 he settled out of court to the tune of $20 million when he was accused of molesting another boy.

If found guilty Jackson could have faced up to 20 years in jail. However - the jury finally came to a verdict of "not guilty" after 30 hours of deliberating spread over seven days.

Jackson has made a statement of thanks on his web site:

Without God, my children, my family and you, my fans, I could not have made it through. Your love, support and loyalty made it all possible. You were there when I really needed you. I will never forget you. Your ever-present love held me, dried my tears, and carried me through. I will treasure your devotion and support forever. You are my inspiration.

There was a possibility that Jackson would take part in Live 8. Bob Geldof told the Sunday Times that he decided against having Jackson headline the Philadelphia event because he believed that Jackson wasn't ready for the spotlight quite yet.

"Musically he is a genius; humanely, I believe he is innocent," Geldof said. "But he has been through a terrible time. He's strained and tired. He needs tranquillity, not to return under the spotlights in an event like this".

Now the poor guy is being threatened with another trial over his dog biting a woman. Apparently it caused "great mental, emotional and physical pain and suffering". Well that's America for you ;-)

Michael Jackson Official Site
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Big Fines for Filesharers

Be Warned!! The UK music industry is starting to actively take the tough stance on music file sharing that has previously only been adopted in other countries. Just the other week a 53 year old part time cleaner from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire who earns only £150 a week was issued with a demand to pay £2,500 or face court action and a possible £4,000 fine.

"It said I'd been caught illegally downloading music off the internet and had to pay a £2,500 fine or else go to prison," a distraught Mrs Price said. "I don't even use the computer - it's for my daughter. I thought: someone's messing me about."

But no. The British Phonographic Institute has employed a high powered law firm called Wiggin that specialise in the protection of copyright. Wiggin have accused Price of uploading copyrighted music over the filesharing program bearshare. They enclosed screen shots of other users downloading tunes from acts like Britney Spears and Coldplay from Mrs Price's computer.

They had written to Telewest - Mrs Price's internet service provider - requesting her address. They then issued a summons and demanded that she immediately remove the files from her hard drive and give the BPI £2,500 or face court and a rise in the demand to £4,000.

From Mrs Price's point of view though, the action is unfair as she had no idea that what her daughter was doing was illegal. "If every one was being summonsed fair enough, but to pick people out at random is unfair." From Mrs Price's point of view "she wasn't doing anything that her friends weren't doing" and so she thought little of it.

The BPI’s director of communications and development, Steve Redmond, responded to criticism of the heavy handedness of their actions stating that "the only campaign in the world that appears to have an effect on downloading is the American litigation." He went on to dismiss the possibility that a child facing court action might kill themselves as a result of the stress saying "It’s highly unlikely that a 12 year old would top themselves."

So there you go - you have been warned. If you want to be sure that you won't face this kind of legal catastrophe then you are going to have to stop downloading copyrighted material and ensure that no one else is doing so from your computer. Most importantly of all you need to ensure that you are not sharing copyrighted material with other internet users and allowing them to upload copyrighted material from your computer.

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Best Prices on Recording Equipment and Other Music Stuff

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