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The Seventeenth edition of the PlayRecord.Net Community Mailer (ISSN 1743-1476)

To the August edition of the Community Mailer...





August is here :-) If you are at school then this has to be one of the best times of the year, namely because you are not at school ;-)

But don't waste the time in front of the playstation or the television. That's for people who aren't into music. This is the ideal opportunity to take your playing to the next level. If you are in a band then this is a great time of the year to put together and polish a really great set. If you aren't in a band then this is a great time of year to get into a band.

You get the idea - this is generally a great time of year!!

We hope you enjoy it...

For those of you like us who are no longer at school and have to work all the time in a boring adult kind of way - ah well, its still a great time of year - the days are long and the beer is warm. A great time of year to wind down in the garden, strumming a few tunes on the acoustic guitar. It could be worse...

Remember: We are more than happy to answer any questions or queries - no matter how simple, just e-mail for a fast and friendly response.

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Music News

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After Live8

After the historical Live8 Concerts there are already big financial benefits being enjoyed - by the artists...

The concerts were enjoyed by over 2 billion people worldwide - a lucky few million attending and the vast majority on TV. The clear goal of the event was to "Make Poverty History" specifically in Africa. The idea was to put pressure on the world leaders attending the G8 summit in Scotland to make serious changes to benefit Africa. This was in two aspects - firstly to wipe out the crippling debts that the African nations are encumbered with and secondly to increase aid.

Bob Geldof was exceptionally pleased with the outcome of the summit as he declared with the phrase "mission accomplished frankly". The outcome of the summit included a rise in aid to 28 billion and a cancellation of debt for developing nations. An unexpected bonus was an agreement to end damaging export subsidies.

U2 frontman Bono said "If an Irish rock star is allowed to quote Winston Churchill, I would not say this is the end of extreme poverty, but it is the beginning of the end."

However the financial benefits are not only restricted to Africa. Every single act that participated in the Live8 Concerts except one has enjoyed substantially increased sales after the event. U2 and Paul McCartney have set a world record for online sales of their version of Sgt Pepper shot to the top of download charts at apple and became the biggest download ever. It also set a record for the fastest release of a single at 45 minutes.
Pink Floyd, who came out of retirement for the event, have had their sales increase by 1000%, though guitarist Dave Gilmour has said that he will donate the proceeds to the Live8 cause. Amusingly Dave was on holiday in the Spanish island of Formentera and had a jam with a local band. But they were not too keen on his playing, maybe because he was playing a fretless guitar.

The only artist not to have benefited from the event was Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty who has actually recorded a 35% decline in sales of Up the Bracket, by his former group The Libertines.

"Never before have so many people forced a change of policy onto a global agenda. If anyone had said eight weeks ago will we get a doubling of aid, will we get a deal on debt, people would have said 'no'." Bob Geldof.

Live8 Website
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British Music Legend Dies

July 21st saw the death of one of the undoubted legends of the British music scene Long John Baldry died age 64 at Vancouver General Hospital in Canada after a four-month battle with a severe chest infection.

Baldry is widely accepted as being one of the biggest influences in the British Blues and Rock scene in the 1960s. He was given the name as a comment on his towering six foot seven stature.

He gave Rod Stewart his first proper gig and the Rolling Stones an early support slot. He inspired Eric Clapton to play the guitar. And when Reg Dwight left Bluesology to go solo, he made his new stage name from the band's saxophonist, Elton Dean, and singer, Long John Baldry, as a tribute to the man to whom, as Elton John, he would later dedicate the popular Someone Saved My Life Tonight.

"For me, just shaking his hand - knowing all the great musicians whose hand hed shaken before - was mind-blowing. But so was John. Picture this elegant man with a proper English accent, never without a tie, a towering six-foot-seven. I was a huge fan and I was intimidated by his offer" said Rod Stewart in an extract on Baldry's Web Site commenting on how he became involved in Baldry's band.

The list of musicians that Long John Baldry either played with or influenced is almost a roll call of classic British music and he will be sorely missed by many.

John Baldry Web Site
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Buy Music Equipment at the Best Price

Check out this selection of the musical equipment that we have recently checked to ensure we offer the best prices.

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Guitar News

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Air Guitar Record Breakers

A new world record has been set for air guitar. More specifically the biggest ever air guitar ensemble took place at the Guilfest festival on Sunday July 17 at the BBC Radio 2 Stage.

Air guitar UK champion Farmer John was in attendance monitoring the performance of over 4000 air guitarists as they jammed along to Guns 'n' Roses "Sweet Child of Mine" with Farmer John and Ben Welch (who prefers the name Slash2) and his band Triple Slash.

After the event Ben raved "The crowd were sexy and we feel this record attempt was a landmark for western civilisation."

"We are thrilled to have broken the world record," exclaimed festival organiser Tony Scott.

"This has always been a special festival which keeps getting better and obviously this year we have struck a new chord - albeit a virtual one!"

The world record took place just before veteran rockers Status Quo took to the stage to close the event.

Coordinator Justin Coll told Festivalwise:, "Hardcore Status Quo fans are pretty much all equipped with air guitars" so there was no shortage of volunteers.

Well done guys, but isn't it time you looked into getting a proper guitar!!

Surrey Advertiser News Story
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Guitar Lessons and Articles

There are some new articles in the Guitar articles section of PlayRecord.Net for you to check out:

This month we bring you the second instalment of our series of lessons on Power Chord technique and this time we are focusing on controlling those Power Chords with some judicious use of damping. This will allow you to use the immense tone of power chords when you want whilst retaining the option of reeling them in a bit on verses etc. Damping also allows you to do fast chord sequences with definition and articulation. What's the point of fingertip burningly fast chord changes if no one can hear what you are doing..?

If you master the art of damping your Power Chords then you can confidently hold your own as a rhythm guitarist in almost any musical situation.

Check it out!!

Also new in the Guitar Articles section of PlayRecord.Net is a lovingly written introduction to Ibanez Guitars by the biggest Ibanez fan in all of PlayRecord Towers. You might not be aware, but you can get the entire range of Ibanez guitars from PlayRecord.Net - if you can't see it on the site then simply get in touch and we will help you out.

Guitar Articles and Resources
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Best Prices on Guitars and Guitar Gear

Check out this selection of the guitars and guitar equipment that we have recently checked to ensure we offer the best prices.

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Ibanez AXS32 Electric Guitar

Tanglewood Deluxe Hi Gloss Acoustic Guitar

TF-2-C-SN Tanglewood Indiana Folk 'Auditorium'


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Drum News

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Revolutionary Nanotech Drum Mics

Revolutionary new drum mics could spell the end of frustrating hours in the studio positioning drum microphones to get the best sound. In a normal recording session it can take a day or more of hard work to get the best out of the drum sound as you position them to achieve not only the best tonality, but also minimising spill (picking up other drums through a particular drum's microphone) and making sure they are not actually in the way of the drummer.

Getting all three things right can take some serious effort - though if you want a truly great recording then it is undoubtedly worth the effort! But it is a lot of effort. This is also part of the tremendous appeal of electronic drums as they are simply plug and play - though ask any drum aficionado and they will assure you that the sound is only a pale immitation of the real thing. A real compromise of sound for the sake of practicality that many drummers are simply not prepared to make.

However this is all going to change in the very near future with a new idea from pickup manufacturers B Band. Famous for producing some of the best electro acoustic guitar pickups along with some great pickups for classical instruments, the Finnish company is due to be releasing the first electronic transducer pickup for the drums later this year.

Normal transducer pickups are not suitable for drums due to the fact that drums literally take a beating. These new pickups from B Band get around that by using a new material that has nanoscale gas bubbles worked into a thin film of polypropylene. The film is then covered with electrodes and when the film detects vibrations it compresses the gas bubbles and creates a current.

This design means that the sound is picked up from the shell of the drum rather than the air around a drum as with a microphone. This completely eliminates bleed, positioning and feedback problems associated with using microphones and means that your drum kit can literally be plugged in and ready to go in seconds rather than hours.

The system is designed to be tough enough for rigorous touring and will doubtless be welcomed gratefully by sound engineers the world over.

These are going to be hitting our shores in August and will be available from PlayRecord.Net immediately. The recommended retail price for the full set including 5 pickups and pre amps for the kick, snare and three for the toms is 829.99 but you can rest assured the PlayRecord.Net will be doing them for the Best Price in keeping with our best price policy.

B Band Drum Systems
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Ex Stereophonics Drummer Takes Cash Settlement

Stuart Cable - the ex drummer of Welsh rock band Stereophonics has apparently come to a financial agreement with his former bandmates over his sacking from the band in 2003. There has been a long running legal feud between the band members after Cable was sacked by bandmates Richard and Kelly Jones citing "commitment issues".

The biggest Welsh band of their generation, the Stereophonics formed in 1992 and were originally called Tragic Love Company. In 1996 they were signed to V2 records and recorded and released their first album Word Gets Around. which, after a year of intensive touring broke the top 10.

January 2002 saw Cable dropping out of a Japanese tour citing "family reasons". There were rumours of a split but the band pulled it together and released their fourth album - You Gotta Go There To Come Back in June 2003.

Then in September 2003 - much to Cables surprise - he was contacted by journalists after the public announcement of his sacking from the band. This was the first he had heard of the news. He put the matter into the hands of his lawyers and stated:

"I'm a founder member of the Stereophonics and I would like to stress that I did not leave nor ever had any intention of leaving the band. I am, and have always been, a fully committed member of the Stereophonics and am very upset that Kelly seems to be saying I was not committed to the band."

Now they have finally come to a settlement of an undisclosed amount, rumoured to be around 1 million, but definitely in the hundreds of thousands. Cable commented "How much?! I guarantee you it's not that much - but I wish it was!"

Stereophonics Official Site
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Buy Drums and Drum Hardware at the Best Price

Check out this selection of the drum equipment that we have recently checked to ensure we offer the best prices.

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Pearl Double Braced Cymbal Stand

Bass Drum Bag For 22" x 18" Bass Drums

Wood Block/Cowbell Holder

Stagg Bongo Stand

Drum Kits and Drum Hardware

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Other News

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Mother Punker!! - The Mum Rock Craze

An all new music craze is sweeping through the US. The unexpected combination of Punk Rock and suburban mums has spawned a new genre that has been dubbed "Mom Rock". Seeking to break through the stereotype of the "stay at home" mum these women are getting together, picking up their electric guitars, bass guitars and drums and churning out rock songs.

The subject matter - like most great songs - is autobiographical and covers aspects of their daily life as mothers.

"This is about saying 'I am a mom and a person'. You don't have to become a cookie cutter, you can continue to explore who you are in the world. We're spreading the message that moms rock." says Joy Rose, a 48 year old mother of four from New York who is widely regarded as the founder of the Mom Rock movement and member of Mom Rock band Housewives on Prozac.

"I feel like what we do is remind people about their passion and that sense of importance and that sense of vitality," She stated.

Rose also started up a national festival of Mom Rock called Mamapalooza. The festival is enjoying enormous success and the number of Mom Rock bands is growing rapidly. The event is touring the states at the moment and the only real requirement of the bands that play is that they are mothers.

There has even been a British Mom Rock band that played at the festival. A five piece Mom Rock band from Derby consisting of "five mothers, two guitars, one drum kit and a whole lot of parental attitude" recently played the New York Mamapolooza with songs like Oh No! I Burnt the Dinner and Do You Need a Wee?

And Why Not!! Everyone at PlayRecord Towers agrees that this is a great idea. We all know what a great stress reliever it is to get together and make music and we also know how stressful it is to be a mum. (OK, most of us can only imagine... but we are sure it is pretty stressful!!)

Get Your Mum into Music!
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What's Britain Listening To?

The Observer Music Monthly Poll, the results of which were published on Sunday 17th of July, gives a snap shot view of the nations listening habits. The study was carried out by ICM Research a member of the British Polling Council and a widely used research agency. They conducted face to face interviews with 1083 adults aged 16 and over between the 7th and the 17th of June, 2005.

The extensive results paint an interesting picture of the musical habits of Britain. More than half (52%) of 16-24 year olds describe music as one of the most important things in their life and 11% of Britons have been in a band at some point in their lives. 44% of 16 - 24 year olds play some form of musical instrument as well, with guitar being the most popular instrument.

There are distinct differences between men and women, with men having on average a 73% bigger music collection than females. Men also have different tastes than women. Over 30% of women describe Pop music as their favourite genre whilst for men Rock is the genre of choice. Pop wins out overall though as the favourite of the sexes combined.

Unsurprisingly 1 in 4 people would like to be a pop star. More surprising though is that 3% of people have actually slept with a pop star. Hmmm...

35% of people would choose music over TV or books if they were only allowed one of the three, with TV being the overall winner.

Observer News Story
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Debris on Shuttle Discovery Launch

This Tuesday saw the first US space mission for two and a half years. Ever since the tragic Columbia disaster in 2003 which took the lives of all of the astronauts on board. The disaster happened as the shuttle was re-entering the atmosphere - sixteen minutes before the shuttle was due to land. It was the first accident on landing in the history of the US's space program. The cause was later attributed to a missing piece of the heat shielding which had fallen off on take off. The heat shield protects the shuttle from the massive build up of heat caused by friction with the atmosphere as the shuttle enters at a very high speed.

The shuttle Discovery took to the sky after a $1 billion investment into the space program to ensure that Columbia was not repeated. The launch on Tuesday was being very closely scrutinised to see if anything came away this time. More than 100 cameras observed the launch from the ground, aircraft and satellites.

Unfortunately they did observe some debris coming away from the shuttle as it took off. One camera showed an object about 1.5 inches long falling from the shuttle after lift-off and radar detected another about two minutes into the flight. Now they have the task of carefully analysing video footage to determine the nature of the debris.

Australian Andy Thomas, who is in space for the fourth time, is conducting a detailed analysis of the shuttle's exterior using a state of the art boom with a laser attached as an added measure of safety to what is already the most closely scrutinised mission in shuttle history.

"There will be only one thing better than the launch, and that will be the landing," said Mike Leinbach, NASA's shuttle launch director.

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