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The second edition of the PlayRecord.Net Community Mailer (ISSN 1743-1476)

To the second edition of the Community Mailer...



Despite a couple of hitches, the first edition seemed to get us off to a good start. A few of you sent us very complementary emails - thanks for that :-)

Apologies to those people who received multiple copies - we are trying to ensure this doesn't happen - if you do recieve multiple copies please mail us and we will sort it out. A new 'general' section has been added to this newsletter for news items generally relating to music, but not necessarily for one specific area.

We hope you like this edition of the mailer - do e-mail us your thoughts, ideas and suggestions - we read every e-mail we receive.

Remember: We are more than happy to answer any questions or queries - no matter how simple, just e-mail for a fast and friendly response.

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General News

Site News
We were all celebrating here at PlayRecord Towers as we had more than one thousand visitors in one day last Thursday. Since our beginning last year we have been working hard at making the best online music shop in the UK and it seems that our efforts are paying off as more and more people are discovering the site and seem to keep coming back.

General News
Some of you will have heard of the new bill the Government is trying to get through at the moment which aims to enforce licensing of all live music in pubs, clubs and places where alcohol is served. This would be the biggest increase in licensing control of live music for over 100 years.

Get the full picture here - you can also sign an online petition - or alternatively you can write to your MP expressing your concerns at the following address:

House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

Alternatively, you can use You compose your message as an e-mail and it's sent to your MP as a fax (since some MPs don't accept e-mails).

Online Resources:We do the searching so you don't have to...
Some people have houses with extensive basements or outhouses where they can turn their music gear up as loud as they want without disturbing anyone. However, for the rest it is a constant conflict of conscience and desire where the volume may keep edging up until the neighbours complain. If you want to be able to turn it up without disturbing those around you - you need to look into soundproofing. A good place to start would be Domestic Soundproofing - a UK based soundproofing and acoustic treatment specialist with a wide range of solutions to suit different budgets.

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Guitar News

Site News
Oi - Girls!!! is pleased to announce that we will be one of the first UK retailers selling a new range of guitars being imported from the USA. Daisy Rock's guitars are designed specifically for girls. After years of frustration playing bass guitars that were designed for masculine proportions, founder Tish Ciravolo set to work designing a range of high-quality instruments that are attractive and are a perfect fit for girls. With a combination of outlandishly feminine shapes and more conventional shapes - all with female proportions in mind, we think this is a great addition to the guitar market.

General News
Digitech have released a revolutionary new guitar processor that has all the sound quality and functionality that digitech is famous for, but with the added bonus that it is easily integratable with your PC via a USB lead for fully featured 24bit digital audio recording. Read more about this great product here or check it out and buy from PlayRecord here

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Left Handed? - it used to be a big obstacle to be a left handed guitarist - with little option than to play a right handed guitar upside down. However things have improved a lot, there is a good selection of left handed guitars and basses available in a variety of styles to suit every taste - check out the leftie guitars section of PlayRecord for example.

Check out John Tucker's advice for lefties here and Daves Lefty Guitar Resource here.

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Percussion News

Site News
Arbiter Flats - the revolutionary new concept in drum design is now available from PlayRecord at a really great price - with free shipping as well - these drums are well worth checking out if you are looking at buying a drum kit or even if you already have one. Arbiter Flats are not like conventional drums, in contrast they are
easy to carry around - on your own
easy to tune
easy to store
light weightDespite all this they still have the sound you would expect from a conventional drum kit.

Read more about them here or check them out on PlayRecord here.

Arbiter FlatsLite Drum kit: £289.99 (rrp £359.99) including free delivery

General News
Not really news, but its worth bending the rules in this case as this site has such a wealth of high quality links to drum information, tablature and lessons that it deserves a mention here. The site is

Scroll down the page to see a table containing links to loads of different lesson areas. There is also a load of links to drum notation sites. there is enough content to keep even the most dedicated surfing drummer occupied for days.

Online Resources:We do the searching so you don't have to...
Interested in becoming a drummer? If you are thinking about taking up the drums, or if you are a new recruit to the way of the drummer - then you will find this online aptitude test both useful and amusing. There is even an audio loop so you can hear what it is supposed to be like.

More experienced drummers will find the collection of lessons etc on the Vic Firth web site useful, including this tutorial on paradiddling, including sound files.

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Recording & Hi-Tech News

Site News
If you record your own material, you are probably always on the look out for that extra bit of kit to give your recordings something extra - maybe a mastering processor or an expensive new synth.

How about increasing the organic content of your recordings? This is cheap and easy to achieve and adds depth and contrast to your recordings, especially if they are predominantly synth or sample based. It could be as simple as recording some live tambourine as backing. The effect of adding unquantized audio with human timing errors is to make your recording sound more human and take away some of the artificiality that is common in many modern productions. The difference between live and sampled or synthesised cymbals and hi hats, for example, is immense - well worth the effort and expense.

So hold off buying that synth and check out the percussion or cymbals sections of PlayRecord and go organic today!!

General News
The Gateway School of Recording and Music Technology is launching a new BA (Hons) degree in Audio Technology and Music Business Studies. The degree will complement the Schoolís existing Higher Education Diploma in Audio Technology and Music Industry Studies, allowing past and present students to undertake a third year of study to complete the honours degree. The degree is validated by Kingston University and accredited by the Association of Professional Recording Services (APRS) and the Music Producerís Guild (MPG).

The Gateway School has also been named as a Digidesign Certified Training Location, one of the first in the country. In order to qualify, centres must have a dedicated training facility with certified Digidesign hardware, software and training materials. Instructors must also undergo a training program at Digidesign head office in California. Initially, Gateway will be offering two Pro Tools courses, giving participants the opportunity to become internationally recognised Pro Tools operators.

T Gateway School of Recording +44 (0)20 8549 0014.

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If you are using a computer as the centre of your recording set up, then you will want to ensure that you are getting the best possible performance out of it with the minimum likelihood of developing faults. Here is a selection of web sites for optimising windows for audio performance and stability:

XP: Check out

2000: Check out

Tascam have a comprehensive PDF file about setting up 2000 and XP for audio which is also worth a look.

98: Check out this article from Sound on Sound on setting up windows 98 for audio.

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DJ News

Site News
We now have the full range of Gemini products up on the site and we are now turning our attention to ensuring we offer the best prices on the web. To this end, if you are looking at buying something from the DJ section of PlayRecord and have seen a better price somewhere else (bearing in mind our free delivery on orders over £120), e-mail us with the web address of the relevant site so that we can confirm it and we will adjust the price on the site to match the site in question.

To thank you for pointing it out we will sell the item to you at an even lower price - so you know you are getting it at the best possible price on the web.

General News
Massive Attack have announced a homecoming gig in Bristol with headlining sets from The Streets and Goldfrapp. The 20,000-capacity all-day event will take place in the city's Queens Square on Monday August 25. It is only the second time the band have played in their home town. Also on the bill are The Bees, Martina Topley Bird and Lupine Howl. Massive Attack will also headline this year's Creamfields festival on Saturday 23rd August.

More information is available from

Online Resources:We do the searching so you don't have to...
Fancy a bit of free exposure to get you on your way to superstar DJ status? - check out Primal Sounds. This Specialist Dance Music site with DJ Promotions, DJ Charts, DJ Competitions, 12 inch Reviews, all aimed at House DJs, Techno DJs, and Trance DJs, offers a free website as a competition prize - open to any House, Techno or Trance DJ in the world.

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Orchestral, Wind & Brass News

Site News
The latest addition to the Orchestral section of PlayRecord is the highly affordable - high quality violins from Stagg. There is a choice of standard or deluxe models, with the deluxe model having very nice looking solid flame maple back and sides and a solid spruce top, boxwood bridge and tuning pegs and a solid ebony fingerboard. The standard model doesn't have such a high specification, what it does have is a really low price.

These complement the range of Antoni violins that we already have in.

General News
The young pianist Simon Trpceski, who is appearing next month with the Philharmonic Orchestra has won the Young Artist Award in the Royal Philharmonic Music Society Awards. Still only 24 years old, he made a huge impact throughout the UK last year, performing with the BBC Philharmonic and Scottish Symphony orchestras as well as giving two recitals at the Wigmore Hall and releasing his EMI Debut disc. You can hear him perform Saint-SaŽnsís Second Piano Concerto at the Royal Festival Hall on Thursday 26 June, 7.30pm


Online Resources:We do the searching so you don't have to...
This edition we have been out searching for decent online violin tutorials for all you budding Vanessa Maes and Nigel Kennedys out there. A good if not great looking one is this one.

This page goes in depth on vibrato technique and the history of vibrato.

This Site is a full site dedicated to the violin, with a massive selection of tutorials, exercises and even some midi files that you can listen to get an idea of some of the pieces.

Check out this great selection of guitar, drum and general music accessories we have put together for you - free guitar tablature search, online metronome / drum machine to play along to and we even have an online guitar tuner for you.