Free Online Metronome

Practice your timing with this free MIDI metronome

In music, one of the most important aspects of playing, performing and practicing is to get your timing right. Even the simplest little riff, chord sequence or melody will sound infinitely better when played perfectly in time.

So how do you get good at timing - well like everything else in music, there will be a bit of natural talent and a lot of practice. To help you on your way we have put together this online metronome and drum machine, simply choose either a metronome click or your choice of drumming style, then select the BPM (beats per minute) you want to play to. You should hear the file being played by your media player.

Now play along on your chosen instrument, trying to keep time with the metronome or drum track. Keep practicing this and you should start to get an instinctive feel for playing in time.

Once you are used to playing firmly on the beat, you can start to experiment with more swinging, shuffling or syncopated timing.


Light Rock

Jazz Swing

Funky Fusion


Blues Shuffle

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