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Credit Card Details

PlayRecord.Net take security very seriously. That is why we have opted not to handle credit card details ourselves and instead use the recognised market leader for online credit card handling as they have the industrial strength security that we believe you deserve.

Once you have made your choices from the on-line store and click on the confirm order button, you will be taken to a page on the Protx payment server and will be entering your card details directly onto the Protx secure payment server.

These pages have been visually customised to fit in with the PlayRecord.Net design to provide a seamless shopping experience. You probably won't even realise you are no longer in PlayRecord.Net as we have worked closely with Protx to give you the most seamless experience possible.

The pages where you enter your card details and confirm the payment are in actual fact hosted on Protx's own incredibly secure payment processing system. This is extremely secure - giving a level of security which we know you can rely on.

Using this system neither PlayRecord.Net, nor any other third party, will ever actually see your credit card details. Your transaction is processed in real time on the Protx servers, which handle millions of transactions per day for some of the largest and most highly respected on-line shops in the world.

All that we at PlayRecord.Net will receive is confirmation from Protx that the transaction has been processed and funds cleared into our account.

We may perform our own security checks on the transaction as part of our dedication to a completely safe shopping experience. Once these security checks are completed your order will be processed and we will send you your new stuff!!

Should you have any problems whatsoever during the order process please feel free to call customer services on 0844 8844 765, who will be happy to help you or arrange to take your order verbally over the telephone should you prefer.

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Personal Details - Privacy

As part of the ordering process we will collect information about you including your home address, your preferred delivery address and the billing address that the card you are using is registered at. We will also collect your email and telephone contact details.

All of these details are essential for us to be able to provide you with the best possible level of service.

We may subsequently use this information to contact you, or occasionally send out an email newsletter detailing some of our special offers and some music related news. If you wish to opt out of this email newsletter, you can add your email address to our opt out list here. We use a system called an exception list. By being on this list you will never be sent our promotional mailers even if someone else maliciously or accidently subscribes you again. The only way you will be able to recieve promotional emails from us is by requesting that your email address is removed from the exception list.

We will never pass your details to any third party. This means that you can rest assured that creating an account and placing an order with PlayRecord.Net is not going to contribute in any way to the volume of spam emails, unsolicited mail and phone calls that you may recieve.

If you are finding unsolicited communications a problem, we suggest you look into registering with the relevant preference service.

At any time you are free to request that we remove all of your details from our system. Simply let us know. If you have any outstanding orders with us, we would obviously have to keep your details on file until that order is completed.

Give us a call - 01274 447641


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