Tanglewood EE15

Aaaaaaw, isn’t it cute! If Slash were a Hobbit, he’d play one of these! The Tanglewood EE15 is a mini Les Paul and it really is diddy The guitar is wonderfully scaled down, the only thing remaining normal size is the hardware. The 21st fret is ban on 34cm (just under 13.5 inches) from the nut and is clearly aimed at three types of guitarist; kids, travelling guitarists with small luggage space and performers who want to make the audience laugh. This mini rocker sports 6 die cast machine heads which are very smoothly geared and don’t seam to slip out of tune. The neck has a slightly squashed D profile and is well suited to small and large hands alike. The fretboard is made of a fine piece of rosewood with 21 quite fat frets. Body wields one humbucker, tone, volume and the mandatory tuneomatic style bridge. The body is made of good solid wood that is shown off well through the translucent cherryburst finish. ee2.jpg When plugging this guitar in I did what I deamed to be most appropriate, slapped up the over drive and lauched into Master of Puppets. I then nearly fell off my seat laughing at how good it sounded. It’s supprisingly hard to tell that this is such a small guitar when it’s plugged in, the single humbucker certainly delivers a punch. The supprising thing about this guitar is that it has a considerable amount of tone. The solid body delivers a good deal of warmth that would be quite acceptable for a full size guitar. The only down side to this size is that the intonation is quite sensitive and needed a little tweak out of the box. Though this is of little consequence for the very young player. To sum up, this little thing is certainly worth its weight in gold and certainly packs a heavy punch than its size would suggest

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